Hi, I’m Gannon Burgett and this is my little corner of the internet – a messy conglomeration of that which inspires and informs me, and occasionally my thoughts and opinions on those matters.

If you’re looking for my cleaner, more professional online presence, you can find that at www.gannonburgett.com.

That is the business in the front. This this party in the back. Except this party only consists of one person’s random ramblings, intrusive thoughts, and digital dopamine hits. Just my kind of party, really.

I don’t have any comments enabled on my posts, nor integrated share embeds. If you’d like to contact me, you can do so using any of the links in the footer below (and even ask for my phone number if you’d like to keep in contact more regularly). If you’d like to share my posts, well, do it through your device’s built-in share features or go real old school and shoot a link back my way from your site.

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